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Eficiência energética

Energy efficiency in all sectors of economy, is crucial for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, complementary to the development of renewable energy and has a very high potential. The development of renewables would be meaningless without a particular attention to the good use of energy.

Energy efficiency means to change systems that use energy promoting technologies that reduce the total cost throughout the life of the system, compared to the technologies that allow a lower plant price but with higher costs during plant life. All without changing the results for the end user.

Studio Rinnovabili offers to its customers, consulting services to improve the energy efficiency of their business.

In particular:

– Energy Audit at the customer site, to analyze and act effectively on the energy situation of the institution / company.

– Use of methods of measurement, analysis and control of energy expenditure

– Identify opportunities for improvement in energy consumption activity, avoiding waste

– Offers the best technical solutions and sustainable energy savings


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