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Studio Rinnovabili is the distributor in Italy of the software WindSim from WindSim AS.
WindSim is one of the most modern and powerful software for the design of wind farms method with CFD (Computational fluid dynamics). The aerodynamic field is modeled with a high level of accuracy, reducing the uncertainties on the estimation of manufacturability. Simulations WindSim provide added value to projects of any type of terrain, from the simplest to the most complex.
In particular, the program allows among others, the following activities:

  • Analysis of the aerodynamic flow with non-linear
  • Calculation of average wind resource in the project area
  • Estimation of energy production to the value P50, P75 and P90
  • Calculation of extreme wind speeds (vref)
  • Analysis of environmental turbulence and effective
  • Detailed analysis of the wind shear and the inclination of the flow
  • Display and 3D animation of the project area

The duration of WindSim licenses varies from a minimum of three months to the perpetual, with the ability to complete the offering with additional modules and a support contract.

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The demo version (Evaluation Version) is directly downloaded from the website of the parent company at the link
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