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Energy production classification IEC

The study is designed to carry out the evaluation of the wind resource at the site and the calculation of the energy production of the project, net of the effects of topographic and aerodynamic interference of wind turbines and technical losses overall, with a probability of surplus of 75% and 90 % (P75 and P90).

The main stages of intervention are:

  • Survey the area of interest
  • Evaluation of the anemometer stations and their placement
  • Selection and validation of wind data collected
  • Correlation with long-term wind data
  • Definition of the wind field expected on the site
  • Estimation of the expected production net
  • Estimation of wind speed reference
  • Estimation of the class of wind turbines in accordance with CEI EN or IEC 61400 -1
  • Evaluation of the compatibility of wind turbines with the site-CEI EN or IEC 61400-1


The study is conducted by means of the techniques of analysis and calculation most innovative on the market today in the wind energy sector.