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Test – commissioning

The test is a procedure that is done once finished and connected a system to ensure proper operation, efficiency and energy efficiency, and is one of the most important activities in the construction of the plant. It allows, through a thorough inspection of the work, and to detect and remove defects, thus obtaining maximum efficiency in energy generation and therefore the maximum efficiency of the system in economic terms. It is also a technical-administrative act required in order to access tariffs under the feed-in tariff.

The implementation of this procedure for a system consists of the following main steps:

  • Measurement of physical and electrical significant, such as temperature, total DC power and AC power total (also for photovoltaic module temperature and solar radiation), and verification of compliance in relation to the limits of the law
  • Manufacturing Test performed by comparing measurements on the resource with solar or wind power output
  • Specific tests, such as thermographic analysis, to verify the correct functioning of all organs of the plant
  • Analysis of the results of tests conducted in order to investigate any critical techniques emerged during testing