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Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a method of analysis that allows Studio Rinnovabili describe, manage and certify your processes and your company’s energy profile. It consists of a thorough analysis of how the energy is used with the identification of the causes, the identification of any waste, the identification of the appropriate improvements. This activity preceeds the drafting of an energy plan to evaluate both the technical feasibility and the economic proposed actions.

Energy Audit becomes an opportunity to achieve a thorough understanding of the reality in order to identify a structured energy initiative. This allow to improve or renew production processes or management resulting in inevitable growth of competitiveness, cost reduction, significant benefits and economic contributions.

Energy Audit allows you to assign a performance index at every stage of your process, by correlating the energy consumed with both the final product with its specific use. This leads to the understanding of how it is virtuous and efficient and how much you can save by avoiding waste.
Studio Rinnovabili is thus able to provide service following the methodology of standard ISO 16247, to operate the Energy Audits that not only allow you to use the results for immediate but that will also allow to recover the full cost of the audit.

Studio Rinnovabili operates according to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 11352 (ESCo).

The main phases of intervention are represented by the following actions:

  • Energy analysis  by collecting preliminary information relating to consumption, energy requirements and type of production processes
  • Energy internal processes in place in terms of usage and energy management
  • Processing of data and identification of possible technical solutions for improvement