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Mini wind

Studio Rinnovabili offers a wide range of services for the construction of plants mini farms. The benefits include the measurement of wind conditions through the installation of appropriate instrumentation, analysis and processing of data, choice of the wind turbine, calculation of productivity with the issue of a bankable report, offering the customer support for the financing and final design of the system.

In detail, the activities offered by the study are:

Preliminary wind analysis

  • Consultation existing wind maps and atlases
  • Survey the site and in the choice of the measuring point

Wind measurements 

  • Provision of anemometer stations (typically 15-30 m)
  • Installation of the meteo station
  • Campaign management measures (at least 4 months)

Wind data analysis 

  • Processing of measured data
  • Correlation with historical data (mesoscale)
  • Choice of wind turbine project (AEP, turbulence loads)
  • Aerodynamic Model (optional)
  • Calculation AEP
  • Development of the business plan project
  • Issuance of a bankable report manufacturability

Design of mini wind power systems (50 – 200 kW)

  • Analysis of the existing constraints on the territory
  • Environmental impact study
  • Study of impact sound
  • Preliminary study of wind resources (research historical data, consultation wind atlas, wind exposure assessment)
  • Definition of plant layout based on the estimated wind resource, access routes, environmental restrictions and land available
  • Final design of the electromechanical works: design and choice type of wind turbine tower
  • Final design of civil works: definition of access roads, project variations and new routes, places and foundations
  • Final design of electrical works: wind turbine electrical cabinet, route cable ducts and manholes, single line diagram, substation connection to the mains
  • Preparation of documentation for authorization and assistance in the authorization procedures
  • Market analysis and business plan


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