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Sodar AQ500



Studio Rinnovabili is the official distributor of the new system SODAR AQ 500 of AQSystem.
It ‘s a proven technology in the field of aeronautical and meteorological recently introduced also in wind energy.
It is based on the emission of acoustic pulses (2-5KHz) and an analysis of the variations of the reflected frequency (for Doppler effect) due to the variation of pressure and temperature of the air.
The SODAR provides measurements an end to 150-200 m with intervals of 5-10 m.

Download the  brochure with technical specifications of the instrument.


Report Customer AQ500 SODAR  comparative studies with conventional anemometer towers

NEW . Verification of accuracy for remote sensing: a comparison between AQ500 SODAR and mast data in south of italy

 Studio Rinnovabili offers its clients in system setup and support on acquisition and data analysis.
From this year, you can rent the tool for measurement campaigns throughout Europe



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