WindFarm - Studio Rinnovabili


Studio Rinnovabili is the distributor in Italy and other countries of the windfarm development software Resoft Ltd. Windfarm is a powerful and flexible software solution that allows you to support you through all the technical and environmental aspects of the design of a wind farm.
Easy to use, allows interfacing with other software tools for both import data input for the export of maps and results of processing. In particular, the program allows among others, the following activities:

  • Georeferencing maps and planning framework
  • Definition and optimization of plant layout
  • Calculation of the wind resource with a straight-line
  • Calculation of energy production and loss of wake
  • Development of the areas of visual impact
  • Development of fotosimulazioni high-resolution animation
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Create three-dimensional views of the landscape
  • Analysis of shade intermittent
  • Analysis of radar interference

Studio Rinnovabili organizes training courses on the use of wind farms and distributes files .wtd describing the electromechanical and geometric characteristics of several wind turbines in the market.
To buy the files .wtd, go to the download page, look for the file corresponding to the turbine of interest and download the file after finalizing the payment process

Available licenses of the software:

  • All modules – Version STANDARD
  • All modules – BASIC version
  • Optimization of energy and production functions
  • Display multiple functions
  • Option multiple anemometers

it is possible to receive a free demo version by sending an email at the address, or by filling out the form below.