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wind power forecasting for operating wind farms

E4Cast provides meteorological and wind energy forecasts for wind farms operating in the European area. The approach has been developed by our team in partnership with Techcom Srl, with a deep know-how in meteorological modelling, and it was tested in the last 3 years on a number of wind farms in Italy.

Forecasts are evaluated by our unified forecasting model. Our approach couples numerical weather prediction models with artificial neural networks models in order to better achieve the goal of energy forecasts for wind farms.

Forecasts are automatically generated in our computing centre, they are optimised for every wind site, and delivered via e-mail or ftp service. They are also accessible using the E4cast web portal.

E4cast also provides historical times series for long-term correction in wind assessment studies. Historical data are reconstructed with high resolution numerical simulations, based on re-analysis data.

For more details and to test the service visit E4cast