Energy yield assessment

Reducing the production cost is essential for the success of individual wind energy projects. Therefore, the choice of the right turbine for the site and of the right position inside the wind farm is so important. A thorough study of site conditions can often lead to turbines being placed in more suitable locations.

SR started already in 2004 using CFD software to analyse complex sites when most of its international competitors were still using mass continuity packages that risk to underestimate or overestimate performance.

Services offered by SR include:

  • Site Inspection
  • Wind data analysis from mast and remote sensors (SODAR/LiDAR)
  • Long-term correction of the on-site available data
  • Wind flow modelling (Mass continuity/CFD)
  • Wind farm efficiency calculation
  • Calculation of the expected energy yield (gross P50) under consideration of systematical losses (net p50) and the respective uncertainties and exceedance probabilities (P75, P90, P99 values)
  • Site calibration
Measurement equipment
IEC classification
Due diligence
Feasibility study
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Environmental impact assessment
SODAR measurements
Revamping analysis
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LiDAR measurements
Anemometry equipment supply
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Due diligence